Friends, Fear and Finding Happy Medium

I made a new friend today.  The kind of friend that really likes me, as in my friend just wouldn’t leave me alone.  No matter how hard I tried to shake free, my friend stayed right there with me.

I know I shouldn’t complain or be trying to get free from my friend.  I mean some people really work to get a friend.  But this new friend isn’t human.  Okay sure some of you will point out I have the dog who is more or less human (yep our fault) and is a friend.  And this is true.  Okay, but a wasp?  As a friend?  Who brings other friends to just hang out, about, around me?  I can’t handle a friend like that.

Now the wasp may have the best of intentions.  For all I know the whole “gang” may be a peace envoy.  And the issue then isn’t with the wasp but rather with me.  My inability to see past those sleek, hard, black and yellow stripped bodies with sharp pointy objects on their behinds.  Let’s call it what it is…fear and prejudice.

I’m scared of them.  And I have a prejudice against flying animals at can repeatedly sting me, which is like ouch.  It’s worse that when they sting it’s not just a sting, it’s an injection of unpleasant substance.  Why can’t these creatures have a sting that feels like a tickle and if they must inject substance into our bodies why can’t they inject pleasantness instead?

Sure I can marvel at how fast they can fly, or great a distance they can cover with their gossamer wings.  I can even sit back in awe at their keen observation and focus.  But I don’t.  Because they scare me.  And because I’ve got a thing against flying needles if you will.

Could I work on this?  Perhaps, but fear of them works for me and provides Beloved with some excellent comic relief.  I mean I will squeal and squirm, contort and convulsive, twitch and tear up and this, folks, is when they are just near me.  They aren’t landing on me, and frankly how can they as I flail around like a headless chicken?  And that’s my strategy, until something doesn’t work.  Then I will find a new one.  Or barricade myself! 😉


4 thoughts on “Friends, Fear and Finding Happy Medium

  1. Poor you, Abi is terrified of all stinging flying things since having a hornet tangled in her hair. x

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