Shoes, Symbols and Society

Why did the old lady live in a shoe  and how on earth did she have so many children that she simply didn’t know what to do?  Are there no housing laws where this old lady lives? Where was the governmental agencies to get involved upon hearing minors were living in a shoe?  What type of shoe was it?

The fact is, even in every day ‘real’ life all the systems and agencies cannot keep track of where and how everyone is living.  So in theory someone could live in a shoe, albeit a giant one, and it may not even be noticed.  And in theory, if the agencies and systems aren’t functioning properly, until someone raises the alarm that old lady may horde children too.  Then again perhaps the old woman just doesn’t understand the acquisition of children.

Is it up to us, as average citizens, to get involved, step up and sort out this whole unusual or abnormal way of living?  Who are we to judge?  Or get involved?  I mean what if she’s just temporarily looking after the kids and we get all involved saying she has exceeded her quota of allowable children?  Won’t we feel silly at that point?

Whats silly is trying to figure out why there was an old lady who lived in a shoe in the first place.  Can she simply not symbolize the creative way some folks find housing simply because that’s how they have to do it?  Can she not serve as a reminder that at any time any one of us could end up in a situation where we don’t know what to do even if it seems obvious to the rest of the world?

is it wrong that part of me wants to just move into her shoe for little bit?  Just get lost and hid among the children?  Is this really that wrong?  I could use some lace climbing right about now, followed by a long slide down the tongue!


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