Peaceful Chaos Amid Harmonious Discomfort

Some people seem to be born natural peace keepers.  Some people seem to work within a world of creating and maintaining harmony.  Some people seem to be born as natural debaters.  Some people seem to work within a world of chaos, clashing view points and devil’s advocate to get the best result.

Most people work within a balance of these two places, seemingly capable of switching as the need arises.  But some people cannot switch, as if they only have one setting and find a way of making do with it.

Beloved is very much a peace keeper, holding of harmony and working to consensus.  Oh don’t misunderstand, he can and does move to devil’s advocate if he just, but it is awkward and uncomfortable for him.  Where as I seem to live far more in the that world.  I love to see a situation, and turn it around and around to see where the potential problems may occur.  This drives Beloved up a wall and around a few bends on account of the fact that, to him, it is me searching for the negative.  But I’m not.  Not really.  I’m just trying to view it from several different vantage points and seeing how it can or cannot work.

Now I will admit I’m rather happy out asking the questions people don’t like to ask.  I’m happy pushing people to answer beyond the pat or accepted answers society or culture has set out. Beloved doesn’t like this as much because to him making others uncomfortable is not ideal.

Does this mean I’m not a peacemaker?  Does this mean I have issues with harmony?  No of course not, it just means I like the discomfort of the questions.  Granted most often I’m asking those questions to and of others.

When the shoe is on the other foot, I tend to take my time…probably because I’m still viewing all the positions as best I can.  Sometimes I do that because harmony might be needed, but most often I am taking my time to scan through view points and determining which one pushes what I’m trying to say.  Because deep down, as much as I believe in peace, I also great joy out of chaos provided no one is hurt and we all learn from these discussions and such.


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