At The Beach

Beloved and a few of his friends wanted to walk down by the beach.  They decided to take the dog because what dog doesn’t like water?  Except ours.  Unless it’s a muddle puddle because honestly who can resist a mud puddle?

The beach they were headed to has very few people at it because unlike most beaches, this one has less sand and more rock.  This area also isn’t a nice shelter from the waves coming in, rather huge waves batter along the rocks more often than not.

So Beloved dropped me off for my appointment and headed off to the beach.  I had made arrangements with a friend to pick me up when I was finished because when Beloved gets with these friends time seems to stand still for him.  Get him and these friends together, add a dash of beach and a sprinkling of the dog and then time would not just stand still, but seem to go backwards as well! 😉

When they came home the dog could barely walk he was so worn out.  Beloved has the look of too much sun, wind and good times.  He dropped into the closest chair and announced he wasn’t a young man any more.  He was tired from scrambling over the rocks, walking, running with the dog and taking his turn with the kite.

But, he slowly admitted, he had enjoyed himself.  Out there he could let go of some of his worries, even if just for a bit.  Out there he could go back to when he was a young boy snuck down there with his friends.  They’d ride their bikes out to the beach, each having a slice or two of bread wrapped up for a snack or a meal and plan on staying there until just about sundown when they’d race like crazy to get home for the evening meal.

Compared to my childhood, Beloved’s was unpleasant.  His friends shared his experiences and such.  This place was special to them.  An escape like no other.  Freedom from the horrors of beatings, lack of food, poverty and such.  Even now as adults they’d return to the same place and see it as others couldn’t.

Beloved took me there once, telling me how beautiful it was.  I was shocked at how rocky and sparse it was.  How wild and unwelcoming it appeared, especially after he way he described it didn’t match up to what I was seeing.

I don’t go with him when he goes to the beach.  It’s a place where magic happens for him and his friends.  Magic I don’t see or understand.  It’s a place for him to be free and wild and escape from the burdens of life.


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