Special Little Thing

I confess there are days that require something a little special, just to get through for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes it’s just one of those days, other times it’s from my own doing.  And now and then I confess it is lupus related, or rather my ability and inability to cope with this crazy illness.

Many of the people who care about me will tell you that I’m my own worst enemy in a million different ways.  My need and desire to prove I’m healthy and well is, at times, counteractive to my true health.

Some people tell me I take on far too many things to do or work on, as if I can work   lupus out of my system.  Or perhaps off I work enough I can forget about the aches and pains and other aspects of lupus.  Beloved says it’s as if I  have noticed the sand running through my hourglass and in an attempt to slow it down or make up for time, I am trying to do too much all at once.  This, too, is not an ideal when you have lupus.  They say something about pacing oneself, whatever that means! 😉

Some days you just need a little something, a wee pick me up to get going.  That pick me up might be a coffee, a latte, a scone or even a nice outing.  Sometimes that is al it takes to get going, raise the energy or simply shift into a better mood. You see friends, even those who don’t have lupus need a pick up now and then.

Sometimes Beloved needs a pick up or a break from the crazy life we have,  sometimes he needs a break from lupus.  And sometimes a wee walk down into the market square has him coming home with a pastry because he couldn’t resist.  Something to share and treat ourselves with.  Just a wee something to brighten the day up.  The truth is, it isn’t the food that brightens the day as much as company and conversation! 😊


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