Dislike Time

I tend to put off things that I dislike.  As a matter of fact the more I dislike things the more I’m likely to put those things off.  And I’m talking long-term putting things off.  You know the indefinite kind of putting things off.

Now some of the things I’d love to put off forever, such as paying taxes, end up having to be done by a certain deadline.  So I deal with those things by getting them done just before the deadline.

Other things I put off because, well I just dislike them.  Stuff like switching out the winter and summer linen closet stuff.  Or redoing the pantry items.  Those are things that can wait.

Those things that aren’t exactly under deadlines can be pushed back further, ignored until you can’t ignore them any longer.  Or until they demand your attention.  Or someone yells at you for not doing whatever it is you should have completed.

In my case that means I postpone, ignore, put off and hide from medical things.  The kind of medical things that will make me feel worse than the rubbish I already feel.  Like blood draws from collapsed veins.  Like doctor visits that won’t have good news to them.  I know not very mature, but I must confess lupus brings out the worst in me.  Honest!  Okay I don’t put these things off to the point of disaster or jeopardizing my health.  I postpone them by a few days. It’s a control thing for me!

But when lupus is somewhat under control I can be very mature!  Ask me, I will tell you! 😉


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