Hard Questions: What Would You Do?

There are times I wish I could stick my head in the sand and let things just pass by as if I never saw them.  But I can’t because doing so wouldn’t solve anything and would, in some ways, say I agree with those actions.

injustice is everyone’s business.  That black eye that you know didn’t happen to someone simply by walking near a door.  But we are afraid to get involved in someone else’s life.  Is it out of respect for someone’s privacy?  Maybe.  Or maybe it’s because we are afraid of the mess that might happen getting involved.

But I don’t understand how you can sit by and not do something when you know someone’s being abused or taken advantage of.  Especially if that person is vulnerable.  Say, for example, an elderly person who has lost her sight.  And has moved in with her son and his live-in girlfriend.  And lets just say this elderly lady is unable to do things a particular way, the way her son wants.  Is it our place to get involved when her son or his live-in girlfriend throw a glass of water on this lady?  Is it okay to just ignore it and think this is a one time deal?

If you happen to be me you can’t let this go.  You demand someone, the proper authorities do a welfare check in this lady.  You make a pest of yourself until the situation is resolved and the lady is in a safe place.

And if you are me, you try so hard to take that anger over these injustices and abuses and you use it as an energy to speak out, to help these people who need help.  And you use some of that energy and demand people ask the tough questions of themselves.  So I’m asking you, dear readers, what do you do in these situations?  Put your head in the sand?  Get involved?  Do you continue to get involved? Do you shrug you shoulders and hope for the best?  Do you pull yourself up from the screaming and kicking to stop it from happening?


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