Some days…

Some days I dont know what gets into me.  I almost forget I have lupus and all the “fun” that comes with it.  I go crazy, almost giddy with the idea of boundless energy!  Oh how I plan and oh how I scheme!  Ii make a list, a large list, and I get at it!

Laundry?  Tossed in the machine and other loads waiting!  Ready to tackle the kitchen floor?  You bet, but first lets bake some cinnamon buns.  Oh and don’t forget we need to do a go do cleaning of the carpet after the last time the dog found dirt; think steam clean!

Fast forward to the first load of washing being placed in the dryer and I’m struggling a bit.  Just a bit tired.  Perhaps we will leave the carpet until tomorrow.  Oh and cinnamon buns?  Let’s change that to muffins.  Easier and more versatile.

Fast forward another load of laundry and I’m questioning my sanity.  Also who stole my energy and what are the police going to do about that?  Oh heavens the kitchen floor, we must do that and then, don’t think about then.

Fast forward towards mid afternoon and I’m just dragging myself around.  I should get a gold medal for just getting the laundry folded.  Putting some of it away will have to be set aside for tomorrow.  But the reality is that it will be several tomorrows before the last of the laundry gets put away.  Not with energy or enthusiasm, but rather because I am trying to prove something to myself and lupus.  The carpet will wait until later or Beloved coming to the rescue.

I know the wise thing to do is to not create such a big list.  But when it’s a long time between energy runs, it’s hard to remember to take it slow.  Besides I’m always a bit scared that if I don’t pack it full the energy might just disappear.  As if I’ve offended it some how.  So if you are looking for me, I’m either working on a massive list or resting underneath it!😉  Just depends on if it’s some day or the day!


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