The dog has a small problem.  He thinks he is a person.  Okay we may be partially to blame for this, but only partially.  Afterall he adopted Beloved and decided he was living with Beloved.  Sure Beloed had decided to bring in this sad stray with the odd mouth, but the stray had already made up his own mind he was living with Beloved.

we’ve grown from there.  Th dog decided where his bed would be, which room needed to have his toys and so on.  He decides now if he is going on a car ride with us or if he wants to stay home.  He sets bedtime because if we don’t go to bed when he wants to, he simply keeps coming back to where we are and dragging us towards the bedroom.

I guess you may say he is the leader of our pack.  Yes I know, I just said the dog runs the household.  😳  We didn’t plan for it to happen.  It just sort of ended up going that way.  And I don’t honestly seeing a lot of that changing.  Beloved is more of a pushover than I am, especially when it’s about the dog.  He feels for the dog, poor thing put out in the street and left to fend for himself.  Probably put out because he has a serious underbite, so he doesn’t look like you’d expect him to.

Some of you are thinking that the dog doesn’t have a problem, rather he has it made.  And in some ways I suspect that’s true.  But when he gets with other dogs, he isn’t exactly sure how to interact with the dog.  He struggles, in some ways, to be a dog because he believes that’s he is human.  Or is it a case of him thinking Beloved and I are lesser dogs?  Either way he knows he has two other beings in his pack.  Two other beings who know that despite what they say, he is ultimately in charge, even if he doesn’t wear pants, because who needs pan a when you have an wagging tail? 😉


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