Hearing Things

Beloved raced out of the house, down the stairs and across  the street in bare feet as though his life depended upon it.  Were the hounds of hell at his heels?  Nope.  Why on earth would he run across hot asphalt with no shoes if his life wasn’t in danger?

It was a song, a siren’s song of sorts.  The one many people find impossible to ignore during summer.  Th song of the ice cream man coming up the street with his wares.  That, and that alone, had propelled an almost asleep Beloved out of the chair and racing across the hot pavement.  I should mention here Beloved is not a barefoot person.  Oh he goes barefoot in the house or on the beach if the sand isn’t too hot or too hard.  But bare feet, Beloved’s bare feet in particular, do not touch asphalt or cement, or even grass.

Watching him shift slightly from foot to foot as he placed his order and contemplated the best way to get home without hurting or burning his now sore feet made me think of the songs said to have lured sailors to a water grave.  Granted Beloved wasn’t lured to a grave, just a rather hot ground with unprotected feet, but still the principle is the same.  Under any other circumstance there is no way he’d be bare foot on the pavement.  Under any other set of circumstance shoes would adorn his feet before the foray out to the hard, painful world beyond our door.

I suppose we each have our own weaknesses.  Different “songs” lure us, get us to do what wen wold otherwise never do.  Some off so learn better to resist the urge that beautiful noise creates deep within us.  But none off  us is every truly deaf to the call and in the right moment we would be hurtling off to whatever end awaits us because the music is just too beautiful to ignore.


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