What Do You See?

There is something seriously wrong with my vision apparently.  Either that or how my brain processes the images it sees.  Either way this isn’t a good thing.  Until a few days ago I wasn’t even aware I had this problem.  Of course until a few days ago I had been asked “what do you see” twenty some odd times ass ink blobs or blots were shown to me.

The department decided th ink blot testing was a good way to learn about our personalities.  Actually that’s probably not correct.  The department, like all others, was under a mandate to ensure staff was a right fit.  Didnt matter how long someone had been there either, each personality had to be found, labeled and determined if it fits.

Hence a few days later I found myself being shown a series of ink blots and asked what I saw.  I suck at this.  In an attempt to help me, they gave suggestions, A-D, just like a multiple choice exam.  Still I suck at this.

Not once did I see any of the choices offered.  When given the opportunity to describe what I was seeing, I was told to look again because what I had said was wrong.  Surely there must be something wrong with how I see or process wha I see.  Then again, how accurate can those ink blot tests be?  They certainly don’t match my imagination.  Thankfully the department head has decided I’m still a fit even if I see two fighting shrimps wearing boxing gloves and shorts where I should see a seahorse or an insect! ☺️


3 thoughts on “What Do You See?

  1. Hilarious!! Sounds as though you just have a much better imagination than the person who designed the test!

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