Solitary Life

The man had finished discussing the legend of the places, the one about the nun being walked into a tiny cell. She wasn’t fully walled in mind you, they had left a high window through which to pass food, water and messages.  But she had no way out of this tower.

I couldn’t imagine it, not at any age, but she was barely in her teens when she was “chosen” for being so holy and pious.  A message had come that she should remain utterly pure nd the only way for that to happen was to basically put her in solitary confinement.  Never let her out.  So that’s what they did, on command from high up in the church.  The Lord, after all, had sent the very message.

I wondered how long someone could live like that. Minimal food and water passed to you.  No human contact. Never to feel the touch of another person, never to glimpse upon another human or even yourself again.  Surely that kind of life would be brief.

of course other people live in solitary confinement, for years upon end.  They rarely see another human, conversation is minimal at best.  These people, though, aren’t kept away from society because God demands it, but rather because we demand it,

Break certain laws, behave certain ways and you a experience a form of being walked in. Only you aren’t truly walled in.  You have minimal space, although sometimes you get to leave that space to go to another space.  You are provided food and water because it is illegal to not provide these basics.  Th law doesn’t say you have to be or provided food you like or bottle water.

Years a an easily sail into decades as you linger in this weird twilight of solitary confinement.  You aren’t ever really alone, but you certainly cannot interact with others.

I can’t imagine living that way either.  Clearly being walled in or serving in solitary confinement are not my idea of living at all. I’d rather cease living if that is the life I had to have.


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