It’s A Head Thing

The power of belief is an amazing thing.  It floats and hovers around the corners and cracks of our lives, some of us more attuned to it than others.  It is how some people explain things they can otherwise not explain.  It is how some people live their lives.

Beloved and I are both somewhat skeptical.  Okay very skeptical when it comes to some things.  Beloved has been dealing with almost daily headaches for a few weeks now,  these aren’t the stabbing, ice-pick in the head kind.  More the steady, dull and unending kind that just make everything you do a chore.  When you can’t escape from them, then it becomes pure horror.

Numerous tests, scans and specialist have suddenly become a part of solving the riddle. So far to no avail.  Pills have been prescribed, the kind that will get you rough even the toughest pain provided you don’t mind being put into oblivion for a period of time while the pills work.  Pills that make you sick; make you sleepy; leave you dry-mouthed and others that leave you addled have all been handed out.

Nothing  can explain the sudden arrival of the headaches.  Nothing can explain their continual insistence in staying.  And nothing seems to make them leave.  At most he gets some relief if he takes pulls that basically put him to sleep.

A coworker suggested Beloved see a homeopathy doctor and since nothing was working he gave it try.  This doctor in turns suggested a therapist who works in her clinic.  A therapist who practices things such as acupuncture and cupping along with other traditional, eastern medicine.

The therapist told Beloved his problem was adhesions, thick adhesions wrapping around the energy flow, or at least that’s what he understood.  The therapist decided cupping should be done to get deep into the adhesions as well as get the blood and energy flowing properly again.

And so Beloved came home looking like he had been hugged by a very passionate and exceedingly aggressive octopus.  Perfect circles covered his torso and back as well has his neck and arms.  These were deep purple, some tinged with red.  He said they were tender, not painful, but tender.  he said the therapist warned him that it would be the power of his belief or skepticism that would either allow this to work or fail.

the headache didn’t go away even though he was desperate to have gin through the cupping and a round of acupuncture.  The therapist said it was belief, a strong belief that this would not work tha blocked the traditional means from working.  The therapist also told Beloved that if he could just open to the possibility that science cannot explain everything, then maybe the sessions would work.  If something doesn’t change I’m going to have to name the headache and start charging it rent! 😉


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