Walking On The Wild Side, Tamely Mind You

Now and then I do something a bit risqué.  Perhaps a bit wild.  I know shocking!  But I guess we all have our wild sides.  😉

It’s important to sometimes step outside your safe, civilized zone and let the wild side in. It speaks of duality to us as humans, harkening back to those days when we lived a bit less civilized.

Of course  when you embrace your wild side, you must do it in a way that’s true to your spirit and not harmful to you or others.  A limited wild side perhaps, or a slightly more tame version of that wild side if you wish.

So what does that mean, this idea of a controlled wild side?  For some people I know it means a full on shopping spree, and for others it’s doing something daring.  One of my friend’s touches his wild side through rock climbing n the mountains.  For another friend it was signing up for a monthly surprise box of gourmet ingredients delivered to her house.  It really doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it meets the need you have for moving past the game while still being true to yourself and your well-being!

so what’s your wild side?  Stripes like a zebra?  Spots like a leopard?  Sharp and pointy like a carnivore’s teeth?  Dont be afraid to expose your wild side! 😊


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