Just A Wee Bit Different Or Is That A Smidgen

It isn’t just the accent that reminds me that Beloved and I come from different places.  It isn’t just the way we use different words to describe the same either, although there are moments like boot and bonnet versus trunk and hood that stand out when we are talking vehicles.  Nope it’s the little stuff, those daily rituals really that remind me we come from different places.

Beloved agrees and has planted his flag squarely in the ground of tea.  Which, by the way, North Americans, do no have any business making, at least according to him.  He claims water must be properly boiled.  A teapot must be used and prepared according to some hidden tea rules.  Suntea is, according to him, a lazy North American invention.  He won’t even contemplate iced tea because, well, tea is supposed to be hot.

Toast is another battleground because apparently toast should be placed in toast racks.  It also should be cut into soldiers when one is eating eggs.

In my world, there is whipped cream, heavy cream and all of its delicious.  What there isn’t, frankly because it sounds dreadful, is clotted cream.  Clotted.  Like the word we use for blood clots.  Lovely thought there isn’t it? 😉  I also don’t have creme Fraiche or Devonshire cream.  Well okay I have them, in Beloved’s country, not mine!

Saucers and fine-bone china ware?  Sure I have those.  That’s for the company, you know when you dig out thee good stuff and hope nothing happens to it.  To Beloved it’s a requirement when one has tea.  To use a”beaker” or mug for a spot of tea is not be serious about things.

it’s these little battles, these little lessons that remind me we are different.  But they also remind me that they are the things I love about us!


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