A Living Tale

Cinderella had the glass slipper.  Snow White had the seven dwarves.  Sleeping Beauty had, well, sleep.  Rapunzel had her long hair, Goldilocks had things just right.

Me?  I’m not sure wha my thing is, but I know I can tell you what it isn’t.  It isn’t fancy shoes (mostly because those aren’t all that comfortable so I only wear them when I have to).  It isn’t a group of small men.  It isn’t sleep (sleep and I have issues, we seem to be on different wave lengths).  It certainly isn’t long hair, I cut mine off to above shoulder length ages ago.  Now it has a life of its own no that demands I keep it on the short side.  And I can assure you it isn’t things just right because I live in a world of chaos.

My Prince Charming isn’t always charming and his kingdom isn’t worth much.  I think he tried to trade it in once, but he couldn’t even get magic beans for it.  Probably a good thing because if he got magic beans, they’d no doubt be expired any way! 😉

If I have a fairy godmother, this is news to me.  Maybe my fair godmother just has a strange sense of Humor! 😉  As for this happily ever after?  Well it isn’t always happy, but it is for the most part.  And ever after?  Hmm that sounds like a longterm commitment, one that’s no doubt going to be tested from time to time, but probably worth it!

But what it is, is my own fairy tale of sorts and those are the best kind even if you don’t get all the trappings of singing birds, dancing frogs and pixie dust!


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