Deciding Lupus

I had decided, before this month of May started, that I would have a post each day about lupus in honor of lupus awareness month.  It wouldn’t be challenging to do really,  given the way the illness is a bit like a shape shifter, never appearing exactly the sam ach time it comes to visit.  But I am more than lupus, I’m not defined by it entirely so I opted to step back from that lofty goal of a post a day for the month of May.

Besides those who know me also have a really good idea of what my life is like and it’s impossible to have that fully portrayed here.  It either comes across as I’m struggling on a minute by minute basis or it’s no big deal.  Neither is really accurate for me.  Although I know people who struggle every minute of every day to cope with their case of lupus.  I also know other people who have very little issue with their respective cases of lupus.

the disease is as individual and varied as the people who must cope with it.  I suspect that’s why some doctors study this affliction.  Again I could be wrong, but no matter what the reason, I’m truly grateful that there are people trying to solve this insane puzzle.

I personally couldn’t solve it, heck when I was younger, I solved my Rubix cube by peeling off the stickers and reapplying to make all sides one color!  It takes all kinds when it comes to illnesses and I’m not the kind who succeeds at being an ambassador of this illness.  The best I can be is an ambassador for myself as I carry on my adventures with lupus, which means some days are worse than others.  Some days lupus is in my mind more than other days.


4 thoughts on “Deciding Lupus

  1. Lupus would be so much easier if one had a reasonable expectation that tomorrow would be something like today. But with lupus – ain’t happenin’. Hang in there.

  2. Oh, I agree there, one day you feel a bit better, dare to do a bit more and wham you go back further than ever, will we never learn!! It really does vary so much from person to person, I have a cousin who leads a very ‘normal’ life with lupus and I am often asked why I am worse than her… How am I supposed to answer that one, maybe lupus just likes her better 🙂

    • I figure those of us affected more so by lupus tend to be more attractive to this disease. It likes us, it really likes us. So much so it won’t leave, even when we try to poison it! ☺️

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