Whacking Lupus

My life has become a game of Whack-A-Mole.  Sometimes I’m the mole getting whacked when I pop up out of my hole and other times I get to do the whacking.

These past few weeks I’ve been on the receiving end of too many, overly enthusiastic whackings. Probably from some overly energetic toddler.  I may have a concussion. 😐

Now into everyone’s life a little rain, er whacking, must fall.  It just seems to be a bit in excess if you ask me.  I need a break.  As in breaking the bat that keeps hitting me.

I’m okay with life hitting me now and then, that’s fair it happens to everyone.  But these past weeks lupus has discovered the game and taken to hitting me with a zealousness I’ve not seen since watching a young child master telling time.  When that you child was given a watch and learned to tell time I had an update on the time every few seconds.  Minutes were celebrated with glee and clapping of hands.  And there came a moment when I wanted to take the battery out of the watch just to get a break.  I want to do the same with lupus.  Take the battery out, beat it senseless with the bat and then beat it an it more for good measure.

I’d do it too, but I’m just trying to find some energy and yes I dare say some courage to pop back out of my hole.  I’d be ever so grateful to whoever has the bat, if they’d start a new game called Whack-The-Lupus-But-Not-The-Patient.  Thanks!


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