Safe Habors of Sanctuary

I sought sanctuary in the shelter of Beloved’s safe harbor, or arms as the case may be.  I rested and found strength in simply being near him.  That’s a kind of magic I can accept and fully appreciate.  But like all good things the magic came to an end.

Beloved had to go on the road for work and when he did, my sanctuary went with him.  This isn’t a type of magic I can accept or appreciate.  Why?  Because it is, after all, about me when I’m feeling poorly! 😉

He never promised me a world of roses with no issues.  I’d probably be bored if everything always went just so when I was with him.   😉

I struggle with this strange concept, this odd notion that there is one person in this big world who affects me in such a fashion.  I’m aware it’s this thing called loved.  And I’m aware that love makes us vulnerable among other things.  But I never realized, for some reason, that when he had to dash off it would leave me a bit adrift.  Perhaps I underestimated how much I needed shelter and sanctuary from every day life.

Is it far to place this on him?  Probably not, but it’s life and love!


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