Consumed by Single Obessions

I am consumed.  Completely consumed.  Yet again I should say.  I go through cycles of consumption, so to speak.  Beloved says it’s not really that my thoughts and time are consumed, although I do become rather singular in my focus.  Instead he says the word to use is obsessed.

There may be  some truth to this as I do tend to get rather caught up and entangled with an interest.  So much so that I have been known to miss appointments, miss time with friends and forget to meet deadlines.  So yes maybe consumed doesn’t do this justice, perhaps insanely obsessed works better.

I can’t recall a time in life where I didn’t find something that completely caught my attention and demanded that I learn more or explore more.  It’s makes the learning or exploring rather easy, however it means that other things shift out of focus at times.

Beloved believes it’s because I get bored relatively easy, like he does.  Where he involves himself in several different things at the same time, I seem to fixate on one.  I work my way through whatever has caught my fancy until I’ve learned all I can or have grown bored with it.  Then I move onto the next fascination.

So perhaps you could say I’m consumed with my shiftng Obessions.



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