Sleeping Arrangements or Keeping The Peace

How do you explain a black eye?  One that just suddenly appears one day.  One that appears courtesy of your partner.  Now before any of you think poorly of Beloved I should back track and explain.

Let  me start by saying that Beloved isn’t an abuser.  He isn’t a violent man by nature.  He is, however, a violent sleeper.  The thing is I didn’t this when we were first together.  He apparently wasn’t aware of this to the full extent either.

I was awaken from a most comfortable sleep by a sharp pain in my face.  You know how you can be blissfully asleep and wake up, suddenly and completely without fully understanding why.  I couldn’t explain the sudden pain, but my face felt okay, just painful.

Beloved was sleeping peacefully so whatever it was that created the pain had no disturbed him.  When I eventually woke up again after having fallen asleep I discovered I had a black eye. I also had awoken to Beloved’s hand hitting me in the head.

He had also awoken with this rather unusual method.  And it was his eyes that first saw my black eye.  We both came to the realization that he had hit me.  In his sleep.  Clearly not on purpose,  rather because he flings his arms and legs about.

It certainly wasn’t my first black eye and I’ve had practice at hiding them with make etc. so I tried that.  But of course im not a makeup artist so to a trained eye it was obvious.  And thus I had to explain it.  But who would believe how it happened?

It’s strange to think how I spent years before coming up with explanations for my bruises and then when I told the truth it seemed very made up rather like my face! 😉

And  since I’m not a fan of being hit, or explaining a black eye, it may also be why we have separate rooms! ☺️


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