Keys And Chronic Illnes

When you have a chronic illness, like my lovely case of lupus, you discover all sorts of new things.  😊

Your body becomes a whole new classroom, one you can’t escape from.  A classroom where the teachers will ensure you learn your lessons no matter how hard they happen to be.

And oh the people you meet!  Doctors, specialists, nurses and such.  Just amazing people.  Okay so I haven’t always been on my best behavior when meeting these people, but I hope they understand that when you are in pain or hearing more bad news you sometimes don’t behave the way you ought to. 😳

And the places you go!  I’ve been in tiny tubes, huge clanking machines and freezing rooms.  I know, exciting right?  Okay so sometimes its anything but exciting.  It’s routine, annoying and down right exhausting.  Sure some things are kind of cool, and other things are a bit more like torture places.

Has it been a great experience?  No not really.  I mean being chronically ill isn’t a great experience ever in my books.  But I can’t complain.  I’m getting the help need and in all honesty the medical people I deal with have made this so much better than  it might otherwise be.

The key to living with, managing and controlling a chronic illness like lupus is having decent relationships with your medical team.  That relationship is built on trust, understanding and respect.  Keep in mind these have to go both ways, so it’s a bit like finding the puzzle pieces that match and fit together.  Once you have that it’s almost a golden thing!😊 It almost makes having a chronic illness no big deal.  Almost! 😉


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