How Well, Really

Some times when he is sleeping, I wonder where he is.  Where do his dreams take him?  What is he doing in those dreams?  Are they all happy and such?

Now and then, when he is sleeping, he seems impossibly young.  Younger than when I first met him.  I know its a trick of light and the fact that he is relaxed, but at these times it’s as if he is  a bit like Peter Pan.  But when he wakes up I notice those lines around his eyes, the ones that make adorable crinkles when he smiles or laughs.  The ones that I adore some much.

When he wakes up and I ask him, he has no clue what he was dreaming about.  He swears he doesn’t know the Lost Boys and has never seen Captain Hook.  He won’t discuss the pixie dust or Tinker Belle no matter what you offer to tempt it from him.☺️  So far I’ve never found a trace of pixie dust anywhere in the bed.  But since I’m not sure what pixie dust looks like I may have overlooked it without knowing.

I wonder, sometimes, about this Beloved of mine.  How well do I really know him, the man who posses those oh so appealing crinkles by those beautiful eyes?  How well do I really know anyone in my life?  Do I need to know Beloved’s every thought and dream?  Is it not more exciting to have much still learn about him rather than knowing him completely?  Besides I think he is am it of a wizard, the way he uses those eyes and smiles such!😊


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