All In The Hands To The Feet

I popped my feet up on Beloved’s legs.  Clearly I deserved and needed a nice foot rub, however his crystal ball was out for a steam-cleaning so I had to help him out with a huge hint.  Just to be sure he knew what was required, I waved my toes his way! 😉

I don’t normally want a foot massage, but now and then, after I’ve been standing on concrete for hours, a foot massage is exactly what I want.  And the truth is, Beloved gives phenomenal foot rubs.  😊

There is something delicious about the way he rubs my instep, the gentle kneading of the inside of my heel and the outsides of my feet.  It’s just a lovely, wonderful thing.

I have no clue where he acquired this skill, nor do I care.  All that matters is that he does this wonderful luxury for me.  He first tried his magic when I was feeling poorly from the end of a lupus flare.  He wanted to do something to make me feel better and I didn’t think there was anything he could do.  But try he did, and wonderful magic took place.

I felt better, more calm and at peace.  It has become a ritual of for us when I feel dreadful from a lupus flare or just am flat-out exhausted from trying to be normal.

Is there healing in this wonderful thing he does?  Sure.  Of course.  How can there not be given it is done out of love. And love is healing.  Not a cure, but healing nonetheless.  Can I prove it?  Nope.  But then again do I have to?

When you have a chronic illness like lupus it’s these little things that matter the most.  These little luxuries somehow seem to  make things little more bearable.  And that is pure magic, just like Beoved’s foot rubs! ☺️


4 thoughts on “All In The Hands To The Feet

  1. Awwww…very sweet!

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