Packaged Curiosity

It came in an ordinary cardboard box, delivered by courier.  There was nothing to announce that this was anything special or extraordinary.  Just another routine delivery to the house.

Except  it wasn’t.  There was nothing ordinary about this package once I opened it up.  Inside the standard issue cardboard box was a small doll and an even small packet of pins.  Just peeking out from the tissue paper was a thin book, instructions no doubt.

A voodoo doll.  A doll to use for cursing and torturing someone.  Possibilities?  Sure of course.  But in my world the only way these items work is if both the one casting the curse and the one who is being cursed both fully believe in the power that allows the cycle to be completed.

I’ve a friend who claims to even dabble or consider the art of voodoo is to invite darkness into one’s life.  Of course she feels anything that isn’t mainstream Christianity is a form of tempting evil.

Now I hadn’t asked for this doll, I didn’t even know it was coming.  I guess by some standards it means I should have gotten rid of it,  but it was a bit like a price of art and I must admit I wanted to read the instruction book.

So the doll stayed in his little cardboard box (I’m not sure why I decided it was male, but I did) while I read the thin instruction booklet.  As I suspected it was all about having the right intention before  actually attempting to use the doll.  The book spelled out that it will not work for a non-believer,not in the way it is supposed to.  Rather the doll and the words in the possession of a non-believer will only spell disaster for that person.  In large letters the book let warned about using it as a joke, or party trick.

I have no idea who sent me the little fellow, the courier’s form simply indicates a store and its address.  I’m not sure if someone is  trying to tell me something or if it is a novelty gift, but either way the booklet made for some interesting reading and the little guy seems content in his book.

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