Cures, Quacks and Crazy

If  I had a nickel for every time someone told me they knew exactly how to cure my lupus, I’d be a wealthy woman.

I’ve heard everything from fresh, crisp mountain air to the dry, hot air of desert.  I’ve heard how organic food will heal me with its miraculous properties.  If only I’d cut out gluten or sugar then id be cured.  Ionized water was another suggestion.  Then there was the full oxygen therapy.  Oh and mud from the Dead Sea area, plus some salt for drawing out all that ails me.

Rest in a well purified room will do wonders.  Rest under the stars and out in the open will cure me because I will receive the best sleep ever.  Hmm pure organic cotton should be something I rest under.  Wool from pure, virgin llamas will save me.

And on and on it goes.  Whatever the latest craze is, or whatever strikes someone’s fancy seems to be exactly what will cure me.  The more exotic, the harder it is to obtain the more quickly I will be cured.

I wonder if these well-meaning people think my doctors are inept or something.  Surely if this would heal me, my doctors would have heard of it.  There would be studies being run on this.  Just, you know, so the doctors would understand.

some of these suggestions come from well-meaning people who want me whole and better again.  And some of these suggestions are from people who are throwing darts at a target.

this kind of stuff used to drive me up a wall. I mean it seemed everyone knew someone who knew how to cure lupus.  Now, however, it amuses me.  And who knows, at some point one of these crazy ideas may hold the key to removing lupus rm my life.  And then what shall I do without my trusty sidekick?!☺️


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