What’s In Your IV

aoI put in my request for a nice coffee, but she ignored me.  I don’t understand why I can’t have coffee in my IV instead of toxic medications to keep lupus at bay! 😉

Actually why can’t coffee, conversation, time with friends, good books and such be then urge for lupus?  I’d be much happier with that than the toxic meds I take now.

don get me wrong, I’m not ungrateful for the meds and how they’ve allowed me a quality of life that is closer to what I desire.  And I’m certainly aware that not that long ago people died from the complications of lupus.

But it would be ever so nice for the medications to not be so harsh on my whole body.  I’m okay with them kicking the heck out of lupus, but I’d rather not be the battleground thanks all the same.

but I guess if they put coffee in my IV it wouldn’t be the same as savouring the taste of coffee.  Although I suppose I could forego a few more hours of sleep from the “up” I’d get from caffeine flowing directly into my bloodstream.  Granted that might also give lupus more energy! 😳

On that note maybe I will stick to my toxic meds and savor the coffee when I feel up to drinking it! 😊

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