Dying For A Trip

I’ve always been a little fascinated by the River Styx and Charon the ferryman.  When I first encountered these stories I was captivated by the whole idea of our souls taking journeys.  I wasn’t so thrilled with Charon leaving you high and dry if you couldn’t pay him the fee though.

I thought it would be interested to walk among the shades, maybe hear their stories or at least learn how to lurk and hide like they do.

I wonder what stories Charon could tell, if he spoke.  Surely he has chauffeured interesting people, heard some interesting things never mind what he has witnessed.  And people gave him money, well the dead had coins in their mouths etc.  what on earth would Charon need money for?

And a river that must be crossed, once you have died is most intriguing. Why?  Because rivers tend to be filled with water, something that we consider essential for life.  What if you just refused to cross the water? What if you decided to swim instead?

the truth is, what fascinates me with these stories, and others like them, is that we assume the soul or shade has basically the same issues  and needs as the living.  The dead haven’t really come back with a list of how things are the same or different.  They also haven’t told us what we need to pack for the journey.

Beloved has decided he wants to take it all with him.  All of it.  Just in case the after life is much like this life.  Me?  I couldn’t be bothered to pack so I will take my chances I guess.  Besides surely a person can sweet talk Charon if she doesn’t have the fee!  Right? 😳


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