Ready, Set, Starter Pet

Why is it acceptable to have a “starter” pet?  When did this trend start and who started it?

I have to be honest here, I grew up having numerous pets and none of them were considered as starter pets.  They were companions, they taught me about unconditional love, forgiveness, responsibility, and that its important to give yourself the chance to love again and again.

When a friend recently announced they were getting a pet for her six-year-old daughter, I was delighted.  It reminded me of all then in ive had with my pets.  When she said it was going to be either a hamster or gerbil since either one makes an excellent starter pet th felt like cold water was thrown on my memories.

It was out of my mouth before I even realized I had asked what the heck is a starter pet.  She took offence to my horrified reaction when she told me that hamsters or gerbils are low maintenance and besides no one expects them to live too long.  Plus, she carried on before catching the look on my face, they are easily replaceable without a child noticing.

Is this poor hamster or gerbil’s life worth next to nothing as long as a little girl has a starter pet?  What does a starter pet teach a child?

pets I understand.  Starter pets not so much.  Am I the odd person out on this trend?  What do you think of starter pets and their role in a child’s life?


2 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Starter Pet

  1. Looks like I’d a lot of starter pets.. short lives, but lots of fun.. only I called them pets….we humans are strange beings and getting stranger by the day it seems.

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