Lost And Away

Some where  in this room there is a dog.  A living, breathing dog.  One that’s known to bark, growl,  sneeze and cough.  Some where in this room is a dog that wags his tail and stomps his feet when he is happy.

In theory, this dog should be easy to find in this room.  Especially since he is the only dog in the room.  But that’s all theory.  You see reality is just a shade different.

It isn’t that the rooms is super messy or covered in stuff. No friends that’s not why I can’t find the dog.  I can’t find the dog because you see I said a bad word…a bad four letter word.  A word that sent him heading for hiding spots.  The further away, the tighter the se, the better.

The word I said?  Bath.  I said I wanted a bath that would take me away.  I didn’t say the at he needed one.  I didn’t say I was giving hm one.  And still he headed behind stuff, under stuff and now he  is lost.

He won’t come when he is called, and tempting him with food doesn’t seem to work either.  I’d take a bath except I really need to  find the dog first.  To know he’s safe etc. then I can have a bath, the kind that takes me away!


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