Maybe Not A Zen Place

The dog demanded that we spend the day outside.  It wasn’t that he held and up to our heads or anything, he just kept coming up to us to thunk his chin on our legs and then march over to the door.

evidently training us humans is much harder for him than it was for us to get him trained.  But eventually we relented, pulled out a few chairs, made some coffee and sat on the deck while he happily found a patch of grass in the sunlight to flop down on.  He was content.  So content he fell asleep.

things were going okay for us as well, until the bugs decided to have a drink (or is it a swim) in our coffees.  I cannot drink after knowing a bug has been in my drink.  Call it an ick factor.  😳

After that I simply couldn’t focus on my book anymore.  I was on high alert for ants crawling up my legs, bugs flying down my shirt and so on.  But the dog?  He seemed thrilled to be sleeping out doors.  Sleep on the ground?  Not me, no siree.  But him it is his glory apparently.

I dont know, maybe ants crawling on him feels good.  Maybe the outdoors, bugs and all, puts him in a zen mode.  Maybe outdoors just isn’t my zen place.


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