Balancing An Unbalaced Life

It’s always a little off-balancing when I come back to North America after an extended stay in Europe.  Which is kind of strange when you consider I grew up in North America. 😉

Perhaps it’s the old world charm of Europe, then again perhaps it’s because Beloved is more comfortable in his own country.  Then again it may be because it’s not my home area and so I enjoy the novelty of it all.

there is just something jarring about the upfront, in-your-face confidence of here.  Not that I’m complaining, just making an observation! 😊

Beloved assures me that North America is more brash, louder, full of swagger and excess  compared to his homeland.  He says it is a bit of an adjustment.  Perhaps in this last bit Beloved is correct. 😉

I love here as much as there for different reasons. And I love the fact that I bounce freely from place to place, enjoying the good in both.  I try to help where I can, hope I make a difference in some way to some people’s lives and learn what I can where I can.

So there is something to say about a slightly unbalanced life!😊


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