Wrong Prescription For Me

I ended up with the oddest prescription I’ve ever received during my latest visit to my specialist.  He pulled out his magical pad of paper, made some odd scratching a and told me to consider filling it sooner rather than later.

Naturally I had to read what he wrote.  Since my own hand writing seems to indicate I should have been a doctors, had no problem reading his markings.  He had written out a prescription for me to take a long, stress-free break.

To my thinking, this condition called life means  experiencing stress is a given to all of us.  What isn’t a given is how much we are exposed to or how we cope with it.  So a stress-free break seems impossible to me.  But reducing the stress is achievable.

I packed up my lovely new car and headed out to a nice, restful place.  I brought books, music and my cellphone, to take pictures etc.  oh I also brought clothes, all sorts of lovely food and  wonderful drinks.

The plan was to forget about the daily schedules and such.  Just simple enjoy the time and doing what I wanted, when I wanted.   Sounds like just the thing right?

except I’ve comes t discover that I seem to handle stress so much better than complete leisure time.  Perhaps it was the seclusion, perhaps it was then rake of minds  was in.  At any rate I cut the trip so I could head home and relax, ignoring the daily schedules that everyone around me seemed so intent on keeping!

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