It’s Natural

He climbed and clipped the morning away.  He pruned and plucked until the afternoon was finished.  He tidied and cleaned until even a casual glance would be able to see th fruits of his labor.

He probably spent the night soothing sores and aches.  A small price, some might say, to pay for that kind of work.

I can admire the neat lines, the beautiful shapes and whimsical flair he brought to his tress and bushes.  Sure they are lovely to look at, but I wonder why my neighbor feels such a need to have a perfectly shaped cedar tree or a completely round bush.

It’s not exactly natural to form shapes such as Dolphins or spheres out of trees and bushes.  Sure it’s whimsical, it’s different, it’s nice to look at.  But no matter what you say, you cannot convince me that it’s natural.

And the strangest thing of all is that he will be repeating this process over and over again if he wishes to maintain neat, trim lines and amazing shapes. I guess it’s a bit like shaping your eyebrows,  you have to stay on top of that or it quickly becomes an unkempt mess.

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate what he does, bu I also like the trees to be, well, natural in shape. And naturally that doesn’t require a great deal of human interaction because, it’s, well, natural.


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