Tripping To orTripping Over

Strappy sandals.  Flouncy frock.  Happy human.  Surely these are the key ingredients to tripping to the light fantastic.  How could they not be?

Well friends, toss me in a flouncy frock and you have created a monster.  A monster of insecurity, trying to keep things down and near my body lest something fly away. Flouncy?  I don’t do flouncy well at all.  I fear flouncy because it may just be a bit too much for me.  I am not a flouncy kind of girl.  I may want to be,  it I can’t pull it off.

Strappy sandals are surely safe right?  Except they aren’t.  They make me trip.  So instead of tripping to light fantastic, I will trip all over it and everything else in my path.  Heck I’d probably knock over light fantastic and  a major fire or perhaps perpetual darkness! 😳

So flouncy frocks and strappy sandals do not make me a happy human.  They make me a very insecure and dreadfully frightened girl.  No Marilyn Monroe moments for me thanks.

I suspect that’s why I dread summer barbecues and parties.  The girls wear these cute little dresses showing off all sorts of skin and have colourful toes peeping out of shoes I can’t even begin to fathom how to put on let alone walk in.  I will just wrap myself up in a tent thanks all the same! 😉


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