It Lives

Well friends, I don’t really want to tempt fate,  but I have to tell you.the orchids are still alive!😁. It’s actually a wee bit scary for me because other than herbs and african  violets I seem rather content to happily kill plants.  Not that I mean to, but somehow I end up killing plants.

Beloved isn’t much better.   Actually he is worse because he forgets to water them and then when he remembers, he over waters them.  As though this will somehow balance things out.

ive pointed out how we can’t do this, it’s akin to forgetting to feed the dog for a while and then cramming a ton of food into the poor creature.  It just doesn’t work.  There are some things that you just can’t say balance out that way.

so every day I have to bring up the courage and cautiously peek to see how the orchid is doing.  Yes friends, cautiously.  As in tip-toe over to the plant, whisper to ask how it’s doing.  Call me crazy!  But friends  im terrified, truly terrified, that if I speak too loudly or walk to heavily, the magic and wonder of the fact this plant is still alive will vanish!  Poof!  Alive one day, dead the next.

I’d love to say it’s because of something im doing, but I suspect that rather this orchid is a survivor despite my attention!😉


4 thoughts on “It Lives

  1. Good job. You can do it! 🙂

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