Ups And Downs Of The Market

I decided to be bold, daring even.  I had made the decision to not make a decision about what I was going to make for the evening meal. Instead I’d take a walk down to the market and see what I could find that would work.  Yes I know very bold and very daring for a girl who hates picking up the groceries! 😊

I had a lovely walk down some quaint streets to get to the market, which was buzzing with the sounds of people talking.  There was a soft sun in the sky and a gentle yet refreshing breeze that was welcomed by all.  And there was a sea o colors and shapes to meet my eye as started hunting for food.

Dark green leafy veggies sat in contrast to white cauliflower and brilliant colored peppers.  Over there were huge onions, garlic, and the pale purple of a Japanese eggplant. Nestled just in between the parsley and cilantro, orange carrots peeked out.

How could I possible decide?  I saw some lovely cit’s of meat and made a section.  Then back to the veggies I went, to see what would work with my purchase.  Deciding that I could pick up more than just for then one meal, after all I was going to need to eat more than once, I got my veggies and made my way to the cashier.

I was waylaid by the fresh Greek yogurt that begged to be brought home as well as a nice piece of cheese.  So of course they had to join the others and off I went to pay.

It  was half way home when I remembered why I was only going to buy wha I needed for the one meal.  The weights of the bags.  It seemed to increase as I made my way home! I know that’s really just a mental game our minds play with us, but I swear it felt like the bags had suddenly been oddly affected by gravity and were under the heavy pull of it.

My grandmothers both had done their daily shopping this way.  Beloved and his family still do shop this way about half the time.  But me, a kid of the suburbs from sprawling North American cities?  The wasn’t the norm.  The norm is to hop in the car, drive whatever distance it is to he store, grab wha you need for a week and then drive back home, where you unload the car.

When I first arrived here, I thought it was quaint and lovely to head down to the shops at least every other day to pick u what I’d needs or a few meals.  But then it became an I sue of beings op busy to hit the shops, so I ended up eating out more.  When I finally got around to shopping it was for larger amounts and the walk home seemed too much.  So I went to the larger grocery stores and shopped like I was used to.  But that’s not nearly as satisfying as the adventure you have when you wait to see what happens to be up for the day’s offering.

Of course sometimes you know in advance what you will make because you crave it.  Then it can be a game of chance as to what the market has that will work with your wants.  But these are all first world, privileged “problems” aren’t they?



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