It Is A Riot Here

A section of the back garden is currently a riot of color, with no thanks to me.  The tulips that were planted before we movedhere have come  into full bloom.  It’s an amazing sight of yellows and reds interspersed with deep, dark purples and brilliant pinks.  Peeking around the edges are some delicate white tulips.

Whomever planted the bulbs wasn’t worried about sections of colors or any pattern.  Instead what meets your eye, even if only for a short time, is this kaleidoscope of color.  It is truly a sight to behold!

Soon other splotches of color and texture will appear here and there, each vying for attention!   I love this randomness.  I love the lack of uniformity.  The no-rules-apply attitude of the garden makes me giddy.

I know if I had planted the bulbs and such I’d struggle to find the right places based on the plants needs.  I’d also struggle to sort out the colors or patterns that I would think were required to make the garden work.  But this garden has taught me rules need not apply and whimsical ways are things of incredible joy!


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