The Slippery Slope To The Wild Side

Some days you just want breakfast for another meal.  Does that make it stop being breakfast?  I somehow doubt it.

Ive heard of people who have had steak and baked potatoes for their morning meal.  I’ve never met  anyone whose one this, but I’ve heard of people who know someone who eats this way.

I don’t see anything wrong with mixing things up now and then. Besides, there is this thing called brunch and people seem to like that too!

Beloved adores brunch.  He partakes of brunch at least once a month.  However he balks at the idea of breakfast for the evening meal.  This I do not understand.   I assume that to him at some point there is a cut-off, a set time, when one simply must cease eating breakfast.  As f it suddenly turns into sawdust or so.

So naturally, since it is my turn to cook, we will have breakfast for our evening meal!  Because I like to tempt fate that way!  I know, daring.  No doubt some of you are in awe at this moment.  What can I say?  I live life on the wild side!  I may even take it further by having dessert for one meal!  😉

But right now I’m going to finish some laundry the wild way.  Yep friends, I’m mixing light colors with whites!  Reckless I know!  But there is no stopping me now! 😊


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