Beauty In The Morning

I took my coffee and the dog out onto the patio to watch the sun come up and listen to the birds chirping.  The dog was game because any time we have dew on the grass he loves to lick it and roll in it.  Thankfully he never gets to all the dew because the early morning sunlight on the dew looks like the grass is tipped with sparkling diamonds or crystals.  It’s the kind of magic that only nature can create so beautifully.

Of course nature also has other surprises, some I don’t enjoy nearly as much.  There is, it is said, beauty and magic in all of nature.  I can appreciate that,  but I can’t always say I see it.  So when the dog came over to where I was reading with a present my reaction was not one of joy.  You see the dew on the grass brought out the slugs.

The dog likes slugs for some reason.  I’m not the same type of fan about them as he is so my reaction wasn’t exactly what he was expecting.  I’m sure in his mind he thought he was sharing a lovely treasure with me.  In my mind it was more a question of why would I want this and why did the dog think it was a treasure.

A part of me also felt a little sorry for this slug. I mean he was probably out for a wee stroll (slugs stroll right?) minding his own slug business and along comes this great furry thing, with sharp teeth and a very wet tongue, that scoops up the poor slug and carried it over to a human who begins shrieking.  I mean the slug was surely traumatized  from that, no need red for his morning jolt of caffeine.

No wonder he made a hasty getaway from the drop off point.  Well hasty in terms of slugs moving that is!  😉  No wonder the dog gave up on bringing me treasures, the shrieking that ensued when he dropped the slug on my foot may have caused temporary hearing loss and confusion for him.  As for me, I am sporting a very red patch of skin from scrubbing where the slug landed.  I thinks it’ll be a few day  before we take in the magical beauty of early morning in nature!


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