Nothing Like The Smell Of A Want

My father always said there is nothing like the smell of a new car.  I suspect he is probably right, but that doesn’t mean I need to buy a new car.  I’m okay with a slightly broken in car! ☺️

The truth is I can’t imagine spending that kind of money on something that loses its value right away.  Makes no sense to me at all.  But I also don’t want something super old either.  Well unless it’s  classic, when cars were made of metal, came with fins and and a steering wheel the size of a hula-hoop.  Then I will have one, provided you are buying it for me! 😉

New motorcycles don’t ave that same smell.  Probably because they aren’t enclosed the way a car typically is.  But they do have their own thrill, all nice and new and shiny!

But a new scooter?  No new smell there.  No nice shiny and new with a thrill.  At least not for me.  And yet here we are talking about getting a new scooter.  Not the kind you seeolder people or disabled people use in a mall.  Nope we are talkng those little zippy motorcycle-wannabes.

I know I shuld be happy that we are looking at something new, but all I ca think of is driving my little scooter in the rain.  Through puddles that will swallow the poor thing up.  I imagine bicyclists going faster than my scooter.  In other words, friends im not feeling the scooter.  There is no cool where the scooter is concerned, at least not in my world.

It is, of course, very practical and makes sense in a city with limited parking and narrow streets. And it does the trick while still being economical, but it isnt exactly going to blow my skirt up.  Well it might, on  a windy day if I’m going fast enough.  Maybe. But I doubt it because it is practical and sensible.

Sensible and practical means, well, kind of boring.  Even if it does the trick.  But of course that’s all silly isn’t it?  Because it fits the bill for what we need.  It’s just not what I really really want.😉


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