Allergies, Complaints and X

I have a complaint.  A rather large complaint.  Okay a huge, almost United Nations, type of complaint.  Maybe it is  a complaint in that level.  To hard to tell on account of my life threatening allergy to this.

im talking about math friends.  I have a complaint about math.  Specifically all those teachers who told me Id be using things like solving for X and those dreadful two trains traveling at different speeds.

Friends, I’ve yet to haven I worry about train A leaving 1 and train B leaving station 2.  I leave these things up to the experts, the people who take care of trains on a regular basis.

I’ve never felt the need to solve for X.  I like a bit of mystery in my life and so I say let X be whatever it wants to be.

So to those people who told me I’d use this stuff later n in my life, I say hooey on you.  Well first I say why lie to people?  Why not let people know that you may not use these skills again on a regular basis, it depends on what you do.  But it’s important to know that you can do this stuff.

so I’m complaining about people making one skill seem more important than another.  where is the shout out and endorsements for those other skills?  Where is the fairness in that?


10 thoughts on “Allergies, Complaints and X

  1. Math is important if you intend to count the number of visits to your blog. 🙂

  2. So true! It reminds me of the time I asked my maths teacher what we would need this for, to be a surveyor was his reply , I promptly asked if anyone in the room wished to be a surveyor…no. I pointed out that we were all wasting our time but we had to do it anyway. I think I was rather cheeky back in those days but I used to get away with it! x

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