Bits and Bobs

I’m not a fan of shopping in general terms, and in terms of grocery shopping or shopping for clothes I detest it.  So when Beloved insisted that we go shopping for “a little something” I was less than thrilled.

Beloved, on the other hand, loves shopping for groceries and clothes.  His all time favorite  item to shop for is shoes.  So when he insisted we go shopping I was certain it would be something for him.

Down to the shops we went, past the shoe store and his favorite clothing shop.  Down around the corner past the grocer’s and the butcher’s until we were at a different type of store.

This store was the kind that sells shiny bits and bobs.  Okay that’s not really correct either.  It was a jewellery store.  He was in need of cuff links and I apparently needed a little sparkle for around my neck.

He found his cuff links while I was trying to pick out something that wasn’t too much,  and would still work with my dress and/or whatever else I chose to wear it with.  I think I’d sooner have just cuff links to find because the necklaces were in different lengths, thicknesses and amount of sparkle.

In the end it was Beloved who picked out the necklaces, because even he couldn’t make up his mind.  I had become distracted by earrings, for some reason.  So in the end  he ended up with two sets of cuffs links, a tie tac and a new chain for his pocket watch.  We also picked up two necklaces and three sets of earrings for myself.

Clearly a bit excessive on our part, and normally I dare say we’d never do this, save for the fact things were on sale.  Obviously we are set for several occasions, which is a good thing because that way I’m saved from shopping for a while!  And I reckon part of that is how I justify things.


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