Tea Time,

We ran out of counter space.  This was a gradual thing and seemed so innocent that I don’t think either of us realized what was happening at the time.  When we woke up one morning, the space was gone.

Space, itself doesn’t really disappear.  It may get taken up by something, but it’s still there, hiding as it were.  And our counter issue was no different.

Apparently during the nights the tea kettle and the coffee maker like to get frisky.  The end result of this frisky behavior is apparently an espresso machine, a fancy mixer, and  a row  of canisters. And it is those canisters that are the most troubling.

The canisters started just one at a time, but those one of the times start to add up.  They contain Beloved’s latest affair.  He has found herbal teas and fruit teas.  He has become obsessed with them.  And so my counter has paid the price.

Not that I’m complaining because this is an obsession I can accept.  I mean in the grand scheme of things, drinking tea is not that bad.  Wanting a variety of teas to choose from also isn’t that bad.

Some of you may be considering why the teas are on the counter.  The answer is simple.  Tea canisters are filling space in my cupboards as well.  My kitchen is slowly being taken over by tea.  I’m not sure, but I may just have to start my own from of a revolution.  A mini attempt at the Boston Tea Party, only this will be over the tea taxing my space!


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