The Bike Ride

A short bike ride he said.  It will be fun he said.  A nice, gentle bike ride he said.  Friends, he lied.

The short bike ride was more than two hours.  Why?  Because it was nice out.  Fun?  Well at times.  Actually it was okay most of the time.  Gentle?  Hmm I’m not so sure.

You see, friends, I haven’t been on a bike for long periods of time.  And my body is paying the price with aches and pains.  I expected some of these.

What I don’t understand, though, is how someone who spends a fair amount of time sitting, can end up with such pain from sitting on a bicycle seat.  I’ve come to think that the seat is a bit of torture device.  I’m sure Beloved would laugh, except he claims he will have to develop callous on his buttocks to avoid the pain from happening again.  That or perhaps using a recliner as his new bicycle seat! 😊

So perhaps the next outing won’t be so long!


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