Convention, We Don’t Need Convention

I was told that we have an unconventional relationship.  Not exactly a May-December couple, but not typical either.  It isn’t just that we live apart some of the time although to be sure it may seem odd to some.

i can’t say that I dwell much upon how we live, Beloved  and I.  The way I seeit, as long a  we happy most of the time because happy all of the time is impossible, that’s all that matters.  So if we seem unconventional or odd, or unfathomable to some, that’s fine by me.  Because convention and tradition are what you make of it.

And what I make of it, along with Beloved, is our way of life.  The odd distances that happen now and then mak thetime together that much more special.  And if that’s what makes us unconventional then so be it!

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