Real Life Versus The Fairy Tales

I was just sitting there, trying to muster up the energy to put my earrings in when Beloved  came into the room.  He was just doing up his tie when he stopped cold.  I don’t blame him.  I looked like a cake topper of sorts.  The dress was at least two circus tents worth of material, although there was not a stripe to be seen.

I had showered, done my hair, put on the dress and fixed my face and now I simply didn’t have it in me to put in my earrings.  And we still had the night to get through, a charity function.  Beloved had been looking forward to this function, the food and the venue promised to be wonderful.  What we had heard for entertainment sounded wonderful.

All we had to do so get there, which meant shoes needed to be put on, I needed my bag and my earrings.  And then a short drive to wha promised to be a wonderful time.  And now, because of earrings there could be an issue.  Beloved offered to put in my earrings, but we both knew it was more than just that.

He asked me what I wanted to do.  We could stay home, he assured me he was okay with this.  Or he could put in my earrings and we could head out and play it by ear.  We’ve done both before and experience has taught me that playing it by ear is not the way to go.  It means he can’t enjoy himself in the least.

So I suggested he go alone.  I’d stay home, rest up and hopefully the energy would come back as my fingers stopped swelling.  I made this suggestion as he was trying to get my foot into my shoe.  It wouldn’t fit and I was beginning to feel bit like a girl whose foot was the wrong size for the glass slipper.  So I stopped him, told him to go and enjoy himself.

Instead he helped me out of the cake topper of a dress and into something more comfortable. He made sure I had books, snacks and medication near me as well as the phone, blankets and pillows.  He brought me the dog, kissed me and told me he was going to Save his dance card for when I felt better.

this is sometimes how our life is, sometimes lupus gets in the way.  He does a much better job of dealing with it all than I do.  There are times I rage at how lupus creates issues.   But him?  He takes it in stride, waltzing gracefully to the changes as they come.

He was as good as he promised, he came home and we “danced” while sitting on the couch.  And so you see, my foot may not fit in the glass slipper, and just  maybe he isn’t a prince , but he’s my ever-after.


4 thoughts on “Real Life Versus The Fairy Tales

  1. Your beloved sounds great! I really hope you are soon feeling a lot better. X

  2. LOVE THIS!!!!!!! Ugh ten thousand points to “beloved.”
    (My post 50 shades of no thank you is about my attempt to find a person like this.) rock on.

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