Duck To The Rescue

im not sure wha possessed me to stop on that shop, but something did.  Perhaps it was his voice, calling out tome begging to save him.  From what I’m not sure, but save him I did.

I walked into that store, went right to where he was sitting and picked him up.  I paid for him, placed him gently in the car and brought him home.  Once home I placed him in Beloved’s  office.

I’m certain this wasn’t the right place for him, but  I had faith that Beloved would know where to put him.  And I was right too because Beloved found a better spot for him.  The bathroom, on the windowsill by the bath tub.

Yes Beloved is a grown man, but even grown men need to have  a rubber duck at some point in their lives.  Since Beloved didn’t have one when he was a wee boy, he got one now.  Besides the duck needed rescuing, a good home at the least!

Beloved will never admit to it, but that duck ended up getting a name and no doubt baptized in the bath tub.  Beloved will also never admit to the huge smile that broke across his face when he encountered the duck in his office, but it was there along with a twinkle in his eyes.

As a young child in remember having my choice of toys for bath time.  It was a time when I could have spent a great deal of time happily playing and splashing about.  I seem to recall that there were a few times I ended up having to refill the tub with warm water because I had been splashing about long enough for the water to grow cold.

Beloved’s recollections are rather more stark than mine.  He didn’t have a childhood full of fun and joy.  And he never had a duck for bath time, so he has one now!  And some how the duck has come to Beloved’s rescue.  For the duck has rescued him from a life of not knowing the joy of ducks at bath time!




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