Chasing Equals

I’ve been blessed in life.  Blessed with great friends, opportunities and such.  I’ve never had to limit my dreams or career because of my gender or racial background.  I’ve never had to contemplate these issues until today.

To be honest, I never thought that in this day and age I would witness such a thing, not in a western country.  Equality seemed a given, well some semblance of it  given the fact that there is a pretty thick glass ceiling separating woman from men in some things like promotions and wages.

But I thought I could live with glass ceilings, provided I could chip away at the glass with a hammer.  I guess I envisioned  each woman having her own hammer to chip away at the ceiling  and weaken it in her own way.

What I hadn’t counted on was that some people would want to keep the glass ceiling and would argue that men and women shouldn’t strive for equality.

My friends from Eastern cultures shake their heads at my shock and explain that this is just the way.  And I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why this is the way?  Why can’t we be equal or seen as equal?  Why must one gender or race be subservient to another?  What is this a race against and what is the prize?


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