Stuck In The Mud

I’m debating getting an outdoor shower, except for the fact that its rains a lot here.  One would think with the amount of rain we get that I’d have no need for an outdoor shower, but you’d be wrong my friends, very wrong.

You see the other thing there is a lot of here is dirt.  And when dirt gets wet it becomes mud.  And mud sticks.  It sticks to the dog, to Beloved, my floor and the walls.  And me too, when we go for a walk.

Somehow Beloved and the dog seem to be experts at finding thick, sticky mud.  And they also seem to be experts at ensuring they share the mud with me.  All throughout the house! 😐

And so I am thinking about an outdoor shower, as a means of removing the mud or at least leaving it where belongs.  I mean I feel bad for the mud being brought out of its element, and not really being welcomed where it is!

The dog can’t really remove his mud, and because he’s so close to the ground he seems to just be covered all the time.  Beloved could remove his mud, but he likes to share! 😉  So a shower that they can just rinse off under before coming in the house seems ideal.

Of course if we get an outdoor shower it will mean they shake off he water in the house.  Hmm maybe I can just make them wait outside, just until the mud dries before they come in.  And If it’s raining maybe they can just stay outside until the mud has rinsed odd of them!


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